How to Get into the University of Connecticut UConn


          The University of Connecticut or UConn as it is known is a public university in Storrs, Connecticut. The University was founded in 1881 and has approximately 29,000 students. Its sports teams are called the Huskies or UConn Huskies, not to be confused with the Northeastern Huskies. The university has a 50% admissions right or a one in two chance of getting accepted into UConn. UConn consistently ranks as one of the top public universities in all of New England. If you are looking to enter this great university then follow the tips below on how to get accepted into UConn.

Step 1

Learn the average entrance scores such as GPA to get into the university. With a high school GPA higher than the average you have a better chance of getting accepted into UConn and also to get scholarship money. Search the internet for the average UConn entrance GPA scores and strive to study hard in high school to get your grades above this level if possible.

Step 2

Look at the middle 50% of SAT scores obtained by accepted incoming UConn freshmen. This will guide you as to how well you need to perform on the SAT’s. If your scores are too low there are ways to increase them by taking an SAT prep class offered around the country or by trying some SAT prep books. The average math scores for incoming University of Connecticut students in the SAT’s were between 570 and 670. The middle range of scores for Critical Reading tests are between 550 and 640. The Writing SAT tests range from 550 to 650. If you are taking the ACT test then the middle range of scores lie between 24 to 29.

Step 3

Learn the admissions deadlines to the University so that you will be prepared to submit your materials on time. The early action deadline for freshmen is December 1st. The regular decision deadline for applications is February 1st. This is the same for the International student application deadline.

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