How to Get into Minnesota University


          The University of Minnesota is a public university located in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota or the twin cities. It is sometimes referred to as U of M. It also has other campuses in the state located in Duluth, Crookston, Rochester, and Morris. The university was founded in 1851 and has approximately 51,000 students that attend it. Its sports teams are called the Golden Gophers. U Minnesota has an acceptance rate of around 50% which means that one out of every other student that applies to the university gets accepted. The University of Minnesota’s undergraduate program has been ranked within the top 70 universities for best National University. It is also known for its very good college of Pharmacy. If you would like to get into U of M then read below to help get accepted into the University of Minnesota.

Step 1

Model your high school academic career with the goal in mind to get accepted into the University of Minnesota. You can do this by tying to get your GPA higher than the average GPA of freshmen getting accepted to the university. Try to find the GPA by either searching the Minnesota University admissions site or searching for it online.

Step 2

Purchase some SAT prep books to help raise your standardized test scores into the range acceptable for getting into the University of Minnesota. The middle 50% of scores for the SAT Math test are between 600 and 701. The scores for critical reading are between 520 and 670. The scores for writing are between 530 and 650. The ACT scores are between 24 and 29.

Step 3

Don’t just focus on academics during your high school years. Colleges including Minnesota University weigh outside activities and extracurricular activities on your resume. Having more than one activity can show your desire to be a well rounded student. Taking a musical instrument and playing school sports is a good combo for example. There is no one solution, colleges look for varied activities. Take activities that you enjoy and will excel at because you like them, not because you think they will help you get into any one particular college.

Step 4

Study the admissions deadlines for the University of Minnesota. The priority deadline for admissions for fall semester for freshmen is December 15th. Check out the Univ. Minnesota website for deadline information.

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