How to Get into University of Nebraska Lincoln


          The University of Nebraska, Lincoln is a public university in Lincoln, Nebraska. The University of Nebraska is known for its pioneering research in grassland ecology. In classic Nebraska fashion, Nebraska University’s sports teams are called the Cornhuskers. The University of Nebraska has 24,000 students. UNL is famous for its Huskers football stadium games in Memorial Stadium. In fact the Cornhuskers have one 46 football conference championships. UNL is famous for its College of Agricultural Sciences. In addition it also has the programs of Architecture, Business Administration, Education, Human Sciences, Engineering, and Law. UNL has a very large book collection on campus with 6 large libraries located around campus including the Geology Library, Math Library, Music Library, Engineering Library, Architecture Library, and C.Y. Thompson Library. If you are looking to get accepted to University of Nebraska follow the tips below to help you get into UNL.

Step 1

Study the entrance requirements to get into UNL. There is no essay or interview required to get into the University of Nebraska. You must fill out their application, send an official transcript from your school, and submit your SAT or ACT scores to the University. The overall admission rate is 63% so this means that you have a 6 in 10 chance of getting into Nebraska University.

Step 2

The average SAT scores for entering UNL freshmen are between 500 and 700 for Math. The Critical Reading scores are also between 500 and 700 for UNL freshmen. The higher your SAT scores the better the chances at getting a Nebraska University Scholarship.

Step 3

Since you are a soon to be accepted Nebraska U freshman you should review some of the cool things on campus. For example there are a few nice museums and centers on campus that you will want to check out. The University of Nebraska State Museum is located in Morrill Hall on campus which contains natural history exhibits. There is also the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden which has over 10,000 works of art. There is the Lester Larson Tractor museum on campus which houses many antique tractors from decades of farming and a history on farm tools. There is also the Lied Center for Performing Arts which does theatre performances.

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