How to Get into the University of Oklahoma OU


          The University of Oklahoma in Norman and Tulsa Oklahoma is a public university founded in 1890. It has approximately 30,000 students. Oklahoma University is usually ranked between 100 and 150th in National Universities in the college rankings. There are many different colleges at the University offering over a hundred majors. Some colleges include the College of Arts and Sciences, the Prince College of Business, the College of Engineering on Norman Campus, the College of Education, the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, the College of Liberal Studies, the College of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences, and the Oklahoma University College of Law. There are many notable landmarks on campus including the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, the Boyd Street Campus Corner, the OU Research Park with the Radar Operations Center, and the Bizzel Memorial Library. The college’s sports teams are called the Sooners and their renowned marching band is called the Pride of Oklahoma. If you are looking to get accepted into Oklahoma University then follow the tips below to help you.

Step 1

Over 50% of incoming freshmen to OU had a GPA above 3.5. In fact close to 40% have a GPA above 3.75 so Oklahoma University is a very selective school to get into. Almost 3 quarters of their students were in the top 25% of their graduating class. Over 90% of applicants are admitted to Oklahoma University so you have an excellent chance of getting into the University. When the chances are this high of getting into a University you have a good ability to get scholarship money if you can raise your grades and standardized scores into a level above that of your entering peers.

Step 2

Study the entrance SAT scores for OU and study the SAT’s prior to test taking to help raise your grades. Keep the target scores in mind when you are taking practice SAT tests so you have a goal to reach or succeed past. The middle 50% of Oklahoma University students generally score in the 500’s range of scores for Critical Reading. The Math scores are just a little bit higher. The ACT scores for entering OU students are between 23 and 29.

Step 3

The application deadline for entering freshmen for fall semester is April 1. Graduate students have no set application deadlines but individual OU departments have their own deadlines so it is best to go to the website of the particular department for the major you are applying for graduate school to find all the applicable deadlines and the like. International Oklahoma University Students must submit their application materials by April 1st for the fall semester, September 1st for spring term, and February first for summer term.

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