How to Get into the University of Tennessee Knoxville


          The University of Tennessee in Knoxville or UT is a public university founded in 1794. It has 27,000 students. It is a public university with around a $600 million dollar endowment.

Step 1

The University of Tennessee minimum GPA to enter the school as an undergraduate is a 2.7 on a scale of 4.0. This is a somewhat selective college to get into so try to achieve as high grades as possible during your high school career. The higher your entering GPA as a freshmen the higher your chances are of getting scholarship money.

Step 2

Increase your entrance SAT scores so that you will be considered for scholarships. The higher your SAT scores in relation to the average to get into the University of Tennessee the better chance you will have at getting admitted. The average scores for Math for entering freshmen are between 540 and 640. The middle 50% of students scored between 530 and 630 in critical reading.

Step 3

Study the timeline requirements for deadlines to getting admitted. The deadline for the standard decision for fall for freshmen application is December 1st. If you are an international student the application deadline for fall is April 1st.

Step 4

Learn the landmarks on campus when you visit the university. The University of Tennessee has a large agricultural campus that is next to its regular campus. The University of Tennessee is also famous for its anthropological and forensic research facility called the Body Farm. The Body Farm is one of the leading centers in the United States for research related to the decomposition of the human body. Also a new campus sprouted within the last 2 years called the Cherokee Research Campus. The Cherokee Research campus houses research in nanotechnology, materials science, neutron science, environmental science, and biomedical science. This research facility will also collaborate with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Be sure to check out the T-Recs the student rec center that has an Olympic sized swimming pool and a full weight room section. Tennessee University’s sports teams are called the Volunteers and their football team competes with the Florida Gators and Vanderbilt to name a few.

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