How to Get into the University of Washington


          The University of Washington is a public university in Seattle. It is also called UW or U-Dub. The campuses are located in Tacoma, Bothell, and the University District in Washington. Washington University has approximately 43,000 students both graduates and undergraduates. Its sports teams are called the Huskies or Washington Huskies, not to be confused with the Northeastern Huskies. UW is ranked among the top 50 national universities in the US. There are several landmarks or soon to be landmarks on Washington University campus to take note of. A Molecular Engineering Building is being built that will provide molecular engineering research and teaching. A new hall called Paccar Hall is also being built. The Husky Stadium is the football field. If you are looking to get accepted to UW then study the tips below for admission.

Step 1

About 58% of applicants are accepted into Washington University. So there is a greater than half chance to get into the university. Still, the average GPA is around 3.6 to get into the University so you should do well academically during your high school career.

Step 2

Learn the average SAT scores for Washington University. Try to practice the SAT’s such that your scores are above the average to give you a better chance of getting into the university. Fifty percent of scores range between 600 and 700 points in Math. Seventy percent are between 500 and 700 in Critical Reading and the same for Critical Writing. Try some SAT prep books to gain higher scores on the SAT’s.

Step 3

Study the deadlines for admission to UW. You need to provide a personal statement and activities log. The personal statement is like an essay describing a defining moment in your life. The activities log is a log of all the extra-curricular activities that you have accomplished including such things as musical instruments, leadership roles, and volunteer work. The application deadline for freshmen is January 15th for fall semester.

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