How to Get into University of Oregon


          The University of Oregon or UO as it is known is a research university located in Eugene, Oregon. The university was founded in 1876 and has approximately 22,000 students. Oregon University has 8 different schools including the Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts, the Oregon University College of Arts and Sciences, the Charles Lundquist College of Business, the Oregon University College of Education, the Robert Clark Honors College, the Oregon University School of Journalism and Communication, Oregon School of Law, and the Oregon University School of Music and Dance. UO’s old campus is comprised of the famous Deady Hall and Villard Hall. There is also the Central Campus with Johnson Hall and the student union, East Campus which contains Lokey Laboratories, the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, Lewis Integrative Science Building, and South Campus with McArthur Court. Oregon University’s Sports teams are called the Ducks. If you are looking to get accepted into Oregon University then follow the advice below.

Step 1

Take a look at the average GPA for incoming freshmen students accepted to the University of Oregon. These scores will allow you to judge how difficult you must study in high school to get your grades above that level. The higher your GPA scores the better the chances of getting into the university as well as trying for scholarships. The average GPA for entering students into University of Oregon is 3.54.

Step 2

Look at the SAT scores for accepted students into Oregon University. Try to study and prep for the SAT’s so that you will be able to beat these average scores and have a higher chance of getting into Oregon University. The admissions rate to the university is 80% so most of the students who apply to Oregon University will get accepted. The middle 50% of scores for SAT math are around 500. The scores for SAT critical reading are around the same range. Try to take SAT prep tests to help you raise your scores so that you can apply for scholarship money too.

Step 3

Learn the admissions deadlines for UO so you will not miss any important steps in the application process. The early identification deadline for the University of Oregon and Clark Honors college is November 1st. The regular admissions deadline is January 15th. If you are a transfer student to the University of Oregon your deadline is May 15th. The International Student deadline for regular admissions is February 15th.

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