How to Get into the University of Pittsburgh


          The University of Pittsburgh or Pitt is a state research university located in Pennsylvania. The University was founded in 1787 and has around 27,000 students. The University’s sports teams are called the Panthers and its colors are blue and gold. The University of Pittsburgh is famous for Jonas Salk who invented the first polio vaccine. University of Pittsburgh has been ranked within the top 60 national universities. The admissions rate to the university is around 59%. If you are looking to get into the University of Pittsburgh then follow the advice below to help you get accepted into Pitt.

Step 1

Raise your high school grades above the average GPA for incoming students into University of Pittsburgh. The average GPA for Pittsburgh University incoming students is around 3.8. Try to achieve this score or above it in high school to increase your chances of getting into Pittsburgh University. You will have to get close to straight A’s to achieve this grade point average. The higher your scores, the better the chances that you may get scholarship money as well.

Step 2

Study the average SAT scores for getting into the University of Pittsburgh. During your high school years you can try to take practice tests so that you can raise your SAT scores. Try to strive for at least the average score if not better in each of the SAT subjects, math, critical reading, and writing. The middle 50% of SAT scores in math for Pittsburgh University entering students are between 590 and 680. The middle scores for Critical Reading are between 570 and 680. Also the scores for writing are 560 to 660.

Step 3

Don’t just focus on academic grades to get into the university. You will also need some extracurricular activities for experience in high school. Remember that you will be competing against many other students that may have great backgrounds including activities in music, high school sports, student government, volunteer organizations, and others. Be creative in trying to excel at your extracurricular activities. You can mix and match activities so that you are considered a more well rounded student applicant.

Step 4

Study the admissions deadline for getting into the University of Pittsburgh. You do not want to miss any important deadlines so make sure you send out all your application materials on time. Pitt has a rolling admissions policy which means that you can any apply anytime you want and if they still have slots open they will consider your application. However this does not mean you should wait until the last minute. You should submit your completed freshman application early so as to not hamper your chances of getting into the university.

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