How to Get into Vanderbilt University


          Vanderbilt University is a private university in Nashville, Tennessee. Vanderbilt has about 13,000 students and a very large endowment of close to $3 billion dollars. Its sports teams are called the Commodores. Vanderbilt is in the top 20 of national universities in the rankings. The main campus is where the main buildings of the Arts and Sciences department, Law School, Owen Graduate School of Management, Divinity School, and the Heard Central Library. The Vanderbilt school of engineering complex and the center for science and mathematics are located south of the main Vanderbilt campus. There are many notable alumni and people who attended Vanderbilt University including former Vice President Al Gore, Tipper Gore, Amy Grant, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and others. If you are looking to get accepted to Vanderbilt then study the information below for help.

Step 1

Vanderbilt is a very selective university as it only admits about one quarter of the students that apply there. This is a 25% admittance rate. If you are applying you will have to be on the high end of your competitive peers. More than 50% of incoming freshmen have a GPA above 3.75. You will need to excel at your high school academics in order to reach this goal.

Step 2

Purchase some SAT prep books to raise your SAT scores. Vanderbilt SAT scores are very competitive. In fact 90% of incoming students score between 600 and 800 points on the SAT critical reading test, SAT Math test, and SAT writing test. Even the majority of ACT scores are between 30 to 36. As you can see Vanderbilt enrolled students are extremely competitive academically. So if you want to get accepted to this school you will have to be as well.

Step 3

Since Vanderbilt is so competitive you will have to do more than just get great grades in school and score high on your standardized tests. You will also have to set yourself apart in extracurricular activities such as leadership roles, volunteer work, or sports activities. Showing strong leadership abilities can come in the form of joining school government or being a leader in one of your clubs for instance. You can show a higher intellect level by playing a musical instrument such as piano or violin.

Step 4

Understand the deadlines for admission to Vanderbilt University so you do not miss your deadlines. The undergraduate regular admissions deadline is January 3rd. The Early Decision I deadline is November 1st and the Early Decision II deadline is January 3rd. International Vanderbilt University applicants must also submit their TOEFL scores.

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