How to Get into Virginia Tech


          Virginia Polytechnic Institute of Technology is one of the premier technical institutes of technology in the United States. It is also called Virginia Tech or VT. It is a Mecca for all types of engineering majors and science majors. Virginia Tech is located in Blacksburg Virginia. The University has approximate 30,000 students and is consistently ranked among the top 30 in public universities and within the top 70 national universities in the US. In addition it is ranked within the top 15 universities for engineering schools. Virginia Tech is a tough school to get into as many technical universities are. In fact the acceptance rate for incoming freshmen to Virginia Tech is 61%. Virginia Tech has many different majors including Aerospace engineering, Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Electrical engineering, and many pure science majors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Many notable alumni have graduated from Virginia Tech such as Charlie Byrd the jazz guitarist, Jess Cliffe co-creator of counterstrike, and Jim Buckmaster. If you are looking to get a science degree at a fine institution then follow the tips below to help you get accepted into Virginia Tech.

Step 1

You will have to perform well academically during your junior and senior year in high school especially in the subjects of math and science. Since Virginia Tech is a predominantly technical school they will pay close attention to your math and science scores from high school. In addition you will have to score well on the Math portion of your SAT’s. The average entrance GPA for students to get into Virginia Tech is around 3.9 so you can see how difficult it will be to get in this great tech school.

Step 2

Look at the SAT scores of the middle 50% of entering Virginia Tech students. This will give you an opportunity to know where you have to be in order to beat the average scores. You should probably get some SAT prep books to help you raise your scores. If you already score well on standardized tests, then higher scores may aid you in getting scholarship money to the school which can greatly ease the burden of tuition every year. The average math SAT scores are between 570 and 670 in math and between 540 and 640 in Critical Reading.

Step 3

Set yourself apart from other Virginia Tech applicants by getting involved in some type of science based projects during your high school career. Most students are not involved in science related extracurricular activities during high school so if you do something like this you can greatly enhance your college application. Examples of science extracurricular activities include getting involved in a science club at school or even starting one of your own if it doesn’t already exist at your high school. You can also enter programs from your youth such as the old MIT Young Scholars program which was a program where gifted students in science and math participated in a few weeks of experiments and lectures during a summer program.

Step 4

Understand the entrance deadlines for the university so you do not miss out on any deadlines. The fall admission regular application deadline is January 15th and November 1st for Early Decision.

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