How to Get into Wake Forrest University


          Wake Forrest University is a private university in North Carolina. It was founded in 1834 and has an endowment of close to $1 billion dollars. The school has close to 7,000 students both graduates and undergraduates. Its sports teams are called the Demon Deacons and they compete in Division I sports. Wake Forrest University has been ranked among the top 25 in national universities. Wake Forrest University is also known for its Calloway School of Business as it has been ranked within the top 15 in business undergraduate school rankings. Some of the notable Wake Forrest campus facts are that it has its own radio station called WFDD, a student run internet radio called Wake radio, and Wake TV their own tv station.

Step 1

If you want to raise your chances of getting accepted into Wake Forrest University then look the average GPA scores for students who have been accepted into the University. You can raise your scores in high school to better match this score or rise above it. The average GPA for incoming students into Wake Forrest University is around 3.7. The admissions rate to the university is 38% so this is a very difficult university to get into as less than half of applicants are admitted. However with hard work and raising your high school grades as well as standardized tests you can increase your chances of getting into the university.

Step 2

Take SAT prep tests before you take your SAT’s so you can raise your grades and have a better chance of getting accepted into Wake Forrest as well as getting scholarship money. The middle 50% of scores for incoming freshmen to Wake Forrest for SAT Math are between 600 to 700 points. The equivalent scores for critical reading are 580 to 690. The ACT scores are between 27 to 31.

Step 3

Do well in the extra portions of your application materials for Wake Forrest. This includes essays and extracurricular activities. In addition to your transcripts, grades, and standardized scores you will also need to submit a teacher recommendation form, a secondary school report for a guidance counselor or equivalent, college essay, and extracurricular activities. Focus on the college essay and make it a good one because Wake Forrest puts a good deal of emphasis on its college essay.

Step 4

Don’t miss the deadlines for applying to Wake Forrest University. The regular freshman application deadline for fall semester is January 1st. This is also the same deadline for the early action decision application. However you can start applying as early as you want after your Junior year in high school for the early action decision. International student applicants to Wake Forrest must also apply by the regular deadline of January 1st. Don’t forget to submit your confidential financial information form if you are an international student also.

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