How to Get into Yeshiva University


          Yeshiva University is a private Jewish University in the United States. It is located in New York and ranks amount the top 50 colleges in the United States. Yeshiva University is made up of several undergraduate schools including Yeshiva College, Stern College for Women, Sy Syms School of Business, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Benjamin Cardozo school of Law. Yeshiva was founded in the late 1800’s.

Step 1

Yeshiva University is difficult to get into. Average entrance GPA’s for Yeshiva are around 3.5 and average SAT scores for Math and Critical Reading are in the 600’s. The average ACT composite score is around 25 as well. Class sizes are small at Yeshiva with less than 20 students in most classes.

Step 2

You must submit one letter of recommendation to Yeshiva with your application. This letter of recommendation must come from either your high school guidance counselor or your school principal. The application fee is $65 dollars and you have to submit a transcript of all your grades as well to Yeshiva.

Step 3

Entrance applicants must also call the Yeshiva admissions office to schedule an interview with the college. A YU admissions officer will administer the interview which is required.

Step 4

The deadlines for admission to Yeshiva for the fall semester are as follows. You can submit your application either by October 15th, December 15th, or February 1st. For each of these deadlines you will be notified of Yeshiva’s decision by December 15th, February 15th, and April 1st respectively. If you wish to apply to school in the Spring semester then you must submit your application materials by November 15th. If you require financial aid you must submit your FAFSA by the March 1st deadline. Good luck in your application to Yeshiva!

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