How to Get an Online Degree


          Online degrees are an increasing part of education in this country. Online degrees have been increasing in number over the past 10 years. They represent the easiest and most advanced ways to obtain degrees in this generation as many of them can be completed entirely online. Online degrees usually entail attending a university and taking classes with a group of other online students entirely over the internet from the comfort of your own home. Online students submit tests online, read material online or purchase books and answer questions online. This method of education is a popular alternative to attending a brick and mortar university. It is a more convenient way to get the same degree.

Step 1

Determine what major you want to get your degree in and what type of degree you want. Your degree can be a continuation of your current undergraduate education such as the Masters degree version of whatever your current degree is. Or you can get a separate degree. Many times people get a degree that may aid their major but is not in the same realm as their major. For example getting a masters degree in Business when your undergraduate degree is in engineering, or biology for example fits this mold. In general the lest technology based the degree is the more you will find it being offered online. Business degrees are common online whereas engineering or science degrees are much harder to come by online.

Step 2

Once you have decided on your major you can start reviewing universities to get your online degree from. First you may want to check with the University you received your undergraduate degree from as there is a possibility that they may offer online degrees now even though they didn’t when you were in college. This is usually the first choice of many people just because they are already familiar with that university, its policies, and its education system. You can find out if your old college offers online programs by searching through its website or calling the admissions office. Another option is to search other brick and mortar universities sites to see if they offer online degree programs. Many Ivy League universities offer online classes now such as Harvard and Yale. Some of them such as Yale even offer some free online courses.

Step 3

You can enroll in a complete online university such as Phoenix University online or DeVry University. These universities are generally cheaper for their online programs than other universities because they have less overhead and can offer cheaper classes. This may be a good alternative for an online student on a budget. You can visit their respective websites to determine how much it would cost to get the degree you want. Make sure you find out if the university you will be getting your online degree from is accredited though. The last thing you want is to get involved with a non accredited degree program and find out your classes are non transferable in the future.

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