Cook Healthy Food


Healthy Food          In the fight to live a healthier life and reduce diseases many Americans are now trying to cook healthier. You do not have to become a vegetarian or have a microbiotic diet to eat healthy. There are many ways you can cook to eat healthier without sacrificing too much. Follow these steps to begin cooking healthy and change the life of your family for the better.

Step 1

Olive Oil Substitute olive oil and vegetable oils for butter in your diet. Instead of using butter to cook with and sauté foods, switch to healthier olive oil instead. You may use extra virgin olive oil as well which is even healthier.

Step 2

Cook vegetables as a side item in both your lunch and dinner meals. This can be as simple as boiled green beans or a stir fry of mixed veggies. Vegetables have fiber in them which makes you feel full on fewer calories. This will help you lose weight. In addition, vegetables have vitamins and minerals which are essential to a healthy diet.

Step 3

Steam your healthy veggies instead of boiling them. Boiling tends to reduce the vitamin and mineral content of vegetables as they get absorbed into the broth which is usually discarded. The healthiest way to cook vegetables is to steam them so they do not lose their nutritional value on the inside.

Step 4

Wheat BreadUse multigrain or wheat bread instead of white bread for sandwiches and as part of meals. Wheat bread has a higher fiber content and less sugars than white bread. It is much healthier.

Step 5

Cut the fat off of a piece of meat before cooking it. Remove as much fat as you can. There is no need to add extra fat to your diet.

Step 6

Replace sugar with honeySubstitute natural honey for sugar when backing desserts and cakes. Honey has a lower effect on blood glucose levels than sugar does. High blood glucose spikes can negatively affect diabetes.


Additional Advice

                   Use Low Fat Margarine instead of butter for your toast.

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