Follow the Low Carb Diet


Low Carb Vegetables          The low carb or no carb diet is a diet that consists of minimizing or eliminating carbohydrates from your diet. This process signals your body to start burning fat. Carbohydrates have a higher affinity towards turning into fat in the body than proteins do. When you restrict carbohydrates with the low carb diet the body goes into ketosis where it metabolizes its own fat cells for energy. Follow the steps below to start doing the low carb diet.

Step 1

No Sugar in Diet Decide on whether you are going to follow a low carb diet or a no carb diet. The no carb diet is more severe than the low carb diet. If you are following the no carb diet you must remove all carbohydrates from your diet including sugars, and starches. This means consuming no foods with sugars or starches in them.

Step 2

Wheat BreadIf you are following the low carb diet start reducing your intake of white flour products. Remove white bread, white rice, and potatoes from your diet. Low carb diets remove the worst carbohydrates from your daily meals. This means not eating white starchy bread, and white rice. White bread is high in sugars and high fructose syrup. White flour products are high on the glycemic index which means they produce a large insulin response in the body when eaten which raises blood sugar levels.

Step 3

FruitsReplace the extra calories you lost from eliminating carbs from your diet by filling the void with vegetables, fruits, and meats. Meats contain protein which is allowed in high amounts with a low carb or no carb diet.

Step 4

VegetablesEat as many vegetables as you want. Vegetables are allowed and encouraged heavily in low carb diets. Vegetables are very low in calories and high in fiber which contributes to weight loss.

Step 5

You can have fruits on low carb diets because even though they contain sugars they contain simple sugars. Fructose in fruits is actually very low on the glycemic index which means it does not raise blood sugar levels much. This means fruit is allowed in low carb diets.

Step 6

Increase Water Intake on Low Carb DietIncrease your water intake while on low carb and no carb diets. Water flushes toxins out of the body and is used in countless cellular reactions. Drinking extra water will help your body detox while on the low carb diet.

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