Follow the Vegan Diet


Vegan Diet          The vegan diet is a much stricter alternative to the vegetarian diet. The vegetarian diet has many variations to it including eating or not eating fish, drinking or not drinking milk, eating other dairy etc. A vegan diet on the other hand is one of the strictest and most difficult diets on the planet. A vegan diet has many health benefits including a long life, lowered risk of heart disease and heart attack, clearer skin, and feeling younger. Follow the steps below to become a vegan.

Step 1

Fish source of protein Stop eating all red meat, chicken, pork, fish, and any seafood. Vegans do not believe in eating any animal that was once alive. This includes all animals on land and in the sea. As you will be removing all the major sources of protein from your diet you must supplement with tofu or other non meat sources of protein to give your body the requirements it needs to survive. It is recommended to gradually wean yourself off of the meats when first starting a vegan diet. Your body needs time to adjust to the lost of meat. As you wean off start introducing tofu into your diet so that your protein levels do not drop drastically.

Step 2

Vegan diet milkRemove all dairy products from your vegan diet. This includes all cheeses and any milk. Basically any food that comes from an animal including dairy which is produced by cows, goats, etc. is off game in a vegan diet.

Step 3

Do not eat or drink any processed food product that contains any animal derivative in the ingredients list. This includes any product that may contain bits of pasteurized milk or cheese when it was made such as many popular snack items contain. Vegans are very strict when it comes to eating anything derived in some way from an animal.

Step 4

FruitsIncorporate as many fresh food items into your diet as possible. This includes organic fruits and vegetables.

Step 5

NutsEat a lot of grains, legumes, and nuts.


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