Follow the Vegetarian Diet


Vegetarian Diet          The Vegetarian diet is more of a lifestyle choice than a diet. It consists of eating mostly earth based foods that grow from the earth. It does not include eating any meat. This is the main staple of the diet. Vegetarian diets usually lead to a very healthy weight level, lowered risks of heart disease and atherosclerosis, as well as boosted energy levels. Vegetarian diets are very difficult to work into if you have been eating meat all your life, but the benefits outweigh the costs. Follow the steps below to be on the vegetarian diet.

Step 1

Start your vegetarian diet by slowly eliminating all red meat from your diet. If this is your first time choosing vegetarianism you will want to slowly wean yourself off of red meat. Vegetarian diets involve no meat whatsoever.

Step 2

Seafood dietEliminate all fish, seafood, and chicken from your vegetarian diet as well. Even the so called white meats are off limits in a vegetarian diet. Some types of vegetarians allow themselves to eat fish however. Determine how strict of a vegetarian diet you want to follow: no meat, or only fish meat.

Step 3

Dairy product milkIt is your choice if you want to eliminate dairy products from your diet. Some vegetarians choose to eliminate dairy products because they come from animals. Other vegetarians allow milk, eggs, and cheeses in the diet. The choice is up to you and how strict you want your vegetarian diet to be.

Step 4

Fresh fruitDrastically increase the amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. The main components of a vegetarian diet are fruits and vegetables. Since fruits and vegetables are low in calories you will have to supplement with a lot of them to make up for the losses in calories from meats that you no longer eat.

Step 5

Multi Grain BreadCarbohydrates are still allowed in any amount in a vegetarian diet. In fact in many veggie diets carbs make up close to three quarters of the total daily food intake.

Step 6

Find a way to supplement with protein sources in your vegetarian diet. Because you will be eliminating meat and chicken from your diet you will lose all your main sources of protein. A good alternative is tofu. Many vegetarians add tofu to their diets to supplement the protein that they are missing. There are many great vegetarian recipes out there that integrate tofu.

Step 7

Vegetarian NutsEat beans, legumes, and nuts in your vegetarian diet as well.

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