Get Freshman 15


Freshman 15          The freshman 15 is a nickname for the fifteen pounds of weight that many freshmen gain their first year in college. This may not be fifteen pounds, but in general college freshmen do seem to gain weight their first year in college. It can be depressing to gain this much weight your first year in college but there are easy ways to avoid it. Read the steps below that show how to easily get the freshman 15.

Step 1

Freshman 15 PizzaOne common cause of the freshman 15 is excessive late night pizza eating. Many college students buy pizza throughout the week to use while studying late at night. It becomes easy to indulge on several slices of pizza while you are studying for a test, midterms, or finals. It is best to avoid continuous pizza eating especially late at night.

Step 2

Binging on free college cafeteria food is a major cause of the freshman 15. Most colleges offer a student ID dining plan with admission for school. This card allows you to enter the cafeteria and eat as much food as you want per sitting without paying any extra money. This entices most college students to eat much more food than they normally would because any excess amount is free to them. Foods from the dessert isle such as cakes, cookies, and ice creams contribute to the freshman 15.

Step 3

Another way to get the freshman 15 is by eating out at pizza places around campus often. One of the most convenient freshman college eating options is the many pizza places and sub shops that congregate around college campuses. Usually these food stops, offer unhealthy, greasy food choices such as cheeseburgers, French fries, and onion rings. Frequenting these fast food places often your first year in college is an easy way to gain the freshman 15.

Step 4

Binging on drinks is a common way many college students seem to add useless calories to their diets. Drinking excess calories will add weight and contribute to the freshman 15.

Step 5

Stress and lack of exercise can aid in gaining weight and the freshman 15. For most students the first year in college is a very stressful time if they are taking a difficult major. Stress has the effect of making some people eat more food and carbohydrates. This negative effect of excess stress may make you put on extra weight your first year in college.

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