Build Calf Muscles


Strong Calf Muscles          Building calf muscles for men has been one of the hardest weightraining goals historically. The reason for this is because the calf muscle is a slow twitch muscle fiber much like the forearm muscle is. And those of us who body build know that it is also equally as hard to build mass on the forearm as well. The calf muscle or soleus is predominantly an endurance muscle and is hard to train. However there are ways to get around its handicaps.

Step 1

Stop training your calf muscles with high repetition sets as most guys in the gym always do and are taught to. I did this for years as well and never gained any mass.

Step 2

Excercise WeightsFind a seated plate loadable calf machine at the gym and use that as your primary exercise for working out the calves. Do not use the stand up calf machine that puts the weight load on your shoulders.

Step 3

Start with enough weight for a warm-up set or two. For the warm-up you can do anywhere between 20 to 40 reps on the calves just to get the blood flowing and get the muscles warmed up.

Step 4

For the rest of your calf workout, do between 4 to 8 additional sets. This time put enough weight on the machine so that you can only do 5 or less reps per set. This will be between 80%-90% of your max. This is the only way you will entice the calves to gain in size, by repping with very heavy weight.

Step 5

Repeat this process every time you train legs, which is usually once per week for most bodybuilders/weightrainers.

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