How to Clean a Yoga Mat


Clean Yoga Mat          Yoga and Pilates mats are used for the purposes of exercising upon. They provide a solid, soft, and non slippery surface so that they do not move when you do yoga upon them. For any serious yogi or Pilates person it is recommended to buy your own premium yoga mat that you do not share with other people. Having your own mat makes it easier to control how clean it is and gives you a sense of completeness as you train since you do not have to worry about renting yoga mats all the time. Follow the steps below to clean yoga mats.

Step 1

How to Clean a Yoga Mat After each yoga class take a wet paper towel and rub it across all the areas of your yoga mat. Wet the paper towel with very hot water. This serves to give the yoga mat a light cleaning after each use. This cleaning will remove dust, hand prints, and hairs that have fallen on your mat during use. You can repeat this process after each class or after every other class at your discretion.

Step 2

Every so often give your yoga mat a thorough cleaning. You can do this by putting your yoga mat in a gentle cleaning cycle of your laundry machine. Use a warm water cycle with mild detergent. Make sure you put the setting on the gentlest your machine offers. This will prevent any of the weaving from coming apart in the wash.

Step 3

Do not put your yoga mat in the dryer after it comes out of the wash. Many yoga and Pilates mats, especially some of the premium yoga mats are made of an absorbent rubber. This rubber will absorb water from your washing machine like a sponge and be very heavy once you remove it from the laundry.

Step 4

Lay your wet mat out over a fresh cotton towel. You may have to lay two towels back to back or use a beach towel to get the desired length since yoga mats are very long.

Step 5

Take another set of towels or another beach towel to lay on top of the yoga mat as well.

Step 6

Now take some heavy paperweights such as books or any other weight and place them on top of the top towel all over the yoga mat. This will add pressure to the yoga mat so that the water gets absorbed into the towels.

Step 7

Let the towels and yoga mat sit for a couple of hours to dry. After you remove the towels hang the yoga mat outside on a close line or railing to finish air drying for several more hours.

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