How to Do a Yoga Cobra Pose Bhujangasana


Yoga Cobra pose          The yoga cobra pose is an easy yoga pose. It is a great lower and upper back stretch. The cobra pose is used throughout a normal vinyasa yoga practice session. The yoga cobra pose is considered a beginner pose however it has variations for different difficulty levels. Follow the steps below to practice the yoga cobra pose or Bhujangasana.

Step 1

Blue yoga matLay flat on your stomach with your body fully extended on your yoga mat. Keep your legs stretched out behind you with the tops of your feet touching the yoga mat.

Step 2

Place your hands flat down on the sides of your stomach.

Step 3

Push your upper torso up towards the sky. Straighten out your arms until there is no bend left in your elbows. If this is too stressful on your lower back then keep as much of a bend in the elbows as you need so there is no discomfort. The further away from your midsection you place your arms in yoga cobra pose the easier the position will be.

Step 4

Hold the yoga pose for twenty seconds or more. As you hold the cobra pose pay close attention to the feeling it gives you in your lower back.

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