How to Do a Yoga Downward Dog Pose


Downward Dog Pose          Yoga is a great way to exercise every muscle in your body. Yoga stretches muscles in ways that no other exercises can. It also reduces stress, gives you piece of mind, and increases your energy levels. If you are new to the world of yoga and are having trouble with some of the initial poses used in vinyasa or ashtanga class have no fear. With yoga practice you can become an expert. Downward dog is a classic yoga pose that stretches the calf muscles a great amount. It also stretches the lower back and hamstrings. Follow the steps below to perform a successful downward dog.

Step 1

Buy Yoga Mat Start off in a kneeling position on your yoga mat. Keep your shins flat on the yoga mat.

Step 2

Place both hands palms down near the front of your yoga mat. Press down so the entire palm is making contact with the yoga mat.

Step 3

Spread your fingers apart as wide as you can. Separate your hands roughly shoulder distance apart.

Step 4

Relieving the bend in your knees, press your feet towards the back of the yoga mat. You want your body to make an upside down V shape with the matt. You may have to walk your feet further back the mat.

Step 5

Plant the heels of your feet down to the mat. Keep your head pointed towards the floor in line with the angle your arms are making with the ground. Keep your back, torso, arms and legs as straight as you can. If you feel a stretch in your calves then you know it is working.

Step 6

Try a variation of slightly bending your knees and pushing into the mat strongly with your hands. This puts more emphasis on stretching your lower back muscles rather than your calf muscles.


Additional Advice

                   Attend yoga classes several times a week. Downward dog poses are frequently used in most yoga classes. After a few months of yoga practice you will become an expert at it.

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