How to Do a Yoga Tree Pose or Vrksasana


Yoga Tree Pose          The yoga tree pose is a pose that is somewhat difficult to do. It requires very good balance as it entails balancing your body standing on one leg essentially. The yoga tree pose stretches the hips and works the quads. It may take some yoga practice to be able to balance the tree pose without falling over or dropping the raised leg. Keep practicing and you will find yoga success.

Step 1

Yoga Mat Stand on your yoga mat with legs about hip width apart.

Step 2

Standing on your left leg, raise your right leg out to the right side of your body. Bend your right leg so that it makes a 45 degree angle with your hamstring.

Step 3

Place your right foot flat against your left inner thigh. If you cannot raise your right leg high enough to do this yoga pose then place your right foot flat against your left inner calf just below the knee.

Step 4

Put your hands together at your heart’s center. Try to balance without falling on your left leg. Stay in this yoga pose for 30 seconds or more.

Step 5

Drop your leg to the ground and repeat steps 1 through 4 with the other leg. If at any time you lose your balance in this yoga pose then drop your leg and restart the pose.

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