How to Do a Yoga Triangle Pose or Trikonasana


Yoga Triangle Pose          The yoga triangle pose, also known as Trikonasana, is a great hamstring stretch as well as hip opener.¬† This yoga pose requires some balance but both feet stay on the ground so it is not nearly as difficult as any one leg standing pose. Triangle yoga pose is one of the staples of a standard vinyasa yoga practice. You can come into triangle pose from downward dog, a more familiar yoga pose.

Step 1

Downward dog yoga mat Start out in downward dog on your yoga mat. Plant both feet and hands firmly on the ground. Spread your hands out at least a foot apart from each other on your yoga mat.

Step 2

In this position take your left foot and place it forward towards the front of your mat. Put the foot flat on the ground. Now your two legs should be making a V shape with respect to each other.

Step 3

Take your left hand and move it to the inside of your right foot. Plant it firmly on the ground. This will give you somewhat of a yoga back twist as well.

Step 4

Now take your right arm and raise it high to the ceiling while you twist your chest 90 degrees from its current position towards the sky. Stretch your right arm out as much as possible making a straight line with your two arms and chest.

Step 5

Hold the yoga pose in step 4 for several breaths.

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