How to Do a Yoga Wheel Pose without Getting Hurt


Yoga Wheel Pose          The yoga wheel pose is an intermediate level yoga pose. Usually this pose is given as an option near the end of a vinyasa class. The yoga wheel pose basically entails arching your legs back and arms to complete a full arch with the back side of your body. It is like the reverse of the cat pose. Follow the steps below to perform a solid yoga wheel pose.

Step 1

Yoga Mat Lay flat on your back on the yoga mat.

Step 2

Bend your knees and plant your feet flat on the ground. Keep your feet about a little more than hip’s distance apart.

Step 3

Walk your feet back towards your head until the point where you can touch your heels with your outstretched hands.

Step 4

Arch your chest and stomach up towards the sky.

Step 5

Now take your hands and place them palms down behind your head a little more than hips width apart with the fingers pointing towards the back of your yoga mat away from your head.

Step 6

Push into the hands to propel your body up off the ground so that you make a nice arch starting from your feet all the way through your legs, torso and arms.

Step 7

To come out of wheel pose slowly lower your body toward the ground.

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