How to Perform a Yoga Child's Pose


Child's pose on Yoga Mat          Child’s pose is one of the most popular and restful yoga poses a yogi can master. Child’s pose is usually taken as a rest post after a strenuous vinyasa or at the end of a yoga class. Yoga child’s pose is an easy pose that stretches the lower back, quad muscles, and arms. If you are new to yoga follow the steps below to learn how to do a restful yoga child’s pose. As in any exercise practice makes perfect, so be sure to do child’s pose often.

Step 1

Buy Yoga MatBend your knees and lay then down on your yoga mat so that your shins are fully contacting the yoga mat. Decide here if you want to take a closed knee or wide child’s pose. If you are doing a closed knee yoga child’s pose then keep your knees touching together. If not then spread them open on the yoga mat making sure that the shins always remain in contact with the mat.

Step 2

Bend your torso and back forwards towards the ground so that your stomach and body arch over your quad muscles.

Step 3

Outstretch your arms towards the front of your yoga mat. Place your palms face down on the mat. Keep your hands about one to one and a half feet apart.

Step 4

Rest your head on the floor. Do not elevate your head as this puts unnecessary strain on your neck.

Step 5

Hold this pose for as long as you like. This is a good resting yoga pose that you can use after you have had a strenuous series of yoga poses.

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