How to Raise your Bench Max


Bodybuilders Get Jacked          Bodybuilders are always trying to increase their maximum bench weight. How much a person can bench is typically used as a bragging right in and out of the gym and a general gauge of how strong a man is. This can be disconcerting because some weightrainers have trouble benching a lot of weight but are very strong in all other exercises and muscle groups. Read these steps for increasing your maximum bench weight no matter how weak you think your pecs are.

Step 1

Learn and practice the J-lift. The J-lift is a technique whereby instead of lifting the flat bench bar straight up and down vertically, you lift the bar at a small angle so that at the top of the rep the bar is closer to your head than at the bottom of the rep. It is almost like attempting to do a slight incline bench movement when using the flat bench. This technique allows you to generally lift a little bit heavier weight than normal. This is actually the way that all powerlifters benchpress. And as you know powerlifters are experts at lifting ridiculously heavy amounts of weight.

Step 2

Start integrating 1 to 2 rep maxes into your standard bench pressing workout. If your normal workout consists of 6 sets of flat benching at 8 to 12 reps per set for example, either add another 3 sets or replace 3 of your current sets with 1 to 2 rep max sets. This means attempt to bench between 90 to 100% of your maximum weight for a few sets. Make sure you have a good spotter holding the bar as you will need him to rack the bar when you cannot complete the last rep. It is very important to always have this spotter with you for your own safety.

Step 3

In addition to benching you need to start doing a lot of shoulder work in order to increase your max bench weight. This is because when you benchpress a good portion of the inner part of your shoulder muscle is used to lift the weight in addition to your pec muscles. This is the missing link as to why many guys have unusually week bench press numbers. It is time and time again because they have not developed their shoulder muscles enough. Start adding additional sets of shoulder exercises to your routine, including heavy dumbbell shoulder presses, and overhead presses.

Step 4

Work your legs if you already don’t at the gym. Having strong legs will allow you to put more pressure on the ground with your feet when you are on the flat bench. This stabilizes your body and helps you feel more comfortable putting up heavier and heavier weight. This may sound counterintuitive, exercising legs to help your bench press but it works. I know from firsthand experience.

Step 5

Protein rich fishFinally make sure you eat a protein rich diet, including lean turkey, chicken and fish. Eat a good amount of carbs as well. If you can handle protein shakes, integrate them into your diet. Try to eat 5 small meals a day to increase your metabolism.

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