How to Adopt a Baby in the US


Adopt a Baby in US          The decision to adopt a child is not an easy one to make. If for one reason or another you are unable to conceive a baby as a couple, adoption is a popular option that is mutually beneficial for the couple and the parentless child. Once you have decided to adopt a boy or girl follow these steps to get you started down the path of adoption.

Step 1

Decide the basic requirement you have for adopting a baby. Discuss these with your significant other. They may include issues such as the gender o the child you want, its age, its nationality, etc.

Step 2

Contact a few different adoption agencies. Tell them what you are looking for and inquire about their procedures and rules. Get all the information you can from each agency and determine which one best fits your needs and makes you feel most comfortable. Choose to move forward with this particular adoption agency.

Step 3

Determine whether you want an open adoption or a closed adoption. An open adoption is one in which the birthparents have contact with their child and its adoption parents throughout the child’s life. This contact may come in the form of periodic visits, letter, and photographs exchanged between the two parties. Open adoptions are a popular option because they allow the birthparents to be involved in the child’s life in some way. A closed adoption is an adoption in which both the birth parents and the adoptive parents do not have any contact information of each other. No further contact between both parties is allowed after the adoption is complete.

Step 4

Follow the procedures required by the adoption agency. Your agency will guide you through this process and have you fill out all necessary forms. In the case of an open adoption the agency will set up initial meetings with the birth parents for you. Both parties have to agree for the adoption to go forward.

Step 5

When the adoption is complete, realize that you have been granted a very special gift. You now have the responsibility of raising a little boy or girl and giving them all the love that their birthparents were unable to provide.


Additional Advice

           Be aware that at some point in the child’s life he or she may want to find their birth mother and father.

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