How to Breastfeed Correctly


          Breastfeeding is a vital part of child rearing. A mother’s milk has the perfect amount of nutrients and hormones that a little baby’s body needs to grow. In addition to providing vital nutrition, breastfeeding also strengthens the bond between the mother and baby. It has been shown that children that are breastfed longer end up being more well adjusted later in life. Follow these breastfeeding steps to properly breastfeed your little baby.

Step 1

Find a comfortable place to sit. You may experience some breast discomfort during breastfeeding so at least try to keep your seating area as comfortable as possible. You may use padding or a soft chair or couch to minimize your sitting discomfort as you will be doing this many times every day.

Step 2

Holding your baby gently, position him or her so that their mouth is in a straight line with your nipple. Now pull your baby close into your breast very slowly. Make sure their little mouth is open wide enough to get the nipple and as much of the areola in there as possible.

Step 3

Let the baby suckle. It may take 20 to 45 minutes for the little one to complete his or her breast feeding.

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 up to 10 to 15 times within a full twenty four hour period during the first few weeks of the newborn’s life. This means you will be up many times a night as well. The reason you must breastfeed so many times is because the baby is in a huge growth spurt and needs as many nutrients as he or she can get. Let the child dictate how many times you breastfeed.

Step 5

Under no circumstances should you try to reduce your baby’s breastfeeding sessions if they want to feed. This only hurts the child. Give them all the milk they want.

Step 6

Enjoy the bonding time you have with your child. During breastfeeding your brain will release more oxytocin which is the bonding love chemical that makes you further bond with your child. Breastfeeding your baby will strengthen the lifelong bond you will have with your child.


Additional Advice

           Breastfeeding will give you sore breasts from time to time. This is normal and will pass eventually.

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