How to Get Senior Discounts


          Senior citizen discounts can significantly reduce a senior’s spending on a daily basis. There are many senior discounts to be found in areas such as food, housing, travel, and transportation. If you are just turning age 55 you may be entitled to a host of new benefits and discounts available to senior citizens. Some of these senior discounts are elusive but with some research and wit you will be able to start saving money every day. Follow the steps below to be on your way to saving money with senior discounts.

Step 1

Many restaurants and fast food places offer senior discounts if you ask for them. Some places offer discounts of 5% to 15% on whole meals when dining. The best way to get senior discounts at restaurants and fast food places is to ask them before ordering if they offer senior discounts and that you are a senior citizen. If you are not comfortable asking in person then a good way to do it is call the restaurant before hand and ask them over the phone if they offer senior discounts on food.

Step 2

Get a senior discount every time you go to buy clothes at retail stores and malls. Retail stores offer senior discounts to entice older shoppers to enter their stores. It is common to be able to get a clothing senior citizen discount. Make sure you inquire about senior discounts every time you make a purchase at a retail store.

Step 3

You may be able to get a senior discount when you fly or on hotel bookings. Many airlines will offer senior discounts if you ask for them such as money off of the standard price of airfare tickets. Most of these discounts are not advertised so you must ask for them before purchasing your tickets. If you ask for them after you have purchased the ticket you may not receive the discount. In addition you may be able to receive up to a 10% senior discount off of hotel room prices.

Step 4

Ask for a senior discounts when booking train travel tickets. Some commuter trains may offer senior discounts so ask before you book. You can also get senior discounts on token fares for riding the subway in your major metropolitan city. Bus passes and subway rides are usually offered discounted to senior citizens.

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