How to Have a Natural Labor


Natural Labor          Natural labor is a beautiful way to birth a child. It is the way most of humanity has been birthing children for millions of years since the dawn of man’s existence. There is nothing wrong with having a natural childbirth. In fact it is an even better way to bond with the newborn and those family members involved in the natural birth. A natural childbirth is described as a birth in which no medication is used. There are a few decisions you need to make when considering a natural labor. Follow these steps to have a natural labor and a healthy happy newborn.

Step 1

Choose either a doctor or midwife to administer and oversee the pregnancy. Do plenty of research in choosing a person to administer a natural childbirth. Find someone with a lot of experience at performing natural labors.

Step 2

Choose the location of the natural birth. Common locations for natural childbirths are at home, at a childbirth center, or even a hospital. The hospital is obviously the safest choice in the case that something goes wrong; you will be right at the facility with the highest ability to fix the problem. However this is also the furthest place for giving you that at home natural childbirth feel. Your own home is a popular choice, but you must make some preparations to be ready for it.

Step 3

Put together a supportive birth team. This is a team that includes your significant other and possibly a few other people close to you. This could be relatives or very close friends. Their job during the natural childbirth will be to give you support as well as tend to any needs that may arise such as getting more supplies.

Step 4

Decide whether or not you want a water birth. There are many advantages to a water birth. A water birth consists of having your baby in the water. This can be a large tub or the like. There is much less pain associated with a water birth. In addition labor times are reduced with a water birth. The water tends to soften the perineum making it much easier to stretch once the baby comes out. This greatly reduces pain while giving birth.

Step 5

Make sure the natural labor environment is set up in a comfortable manner. Make it inviting so that you feel at ease when you birth. Prepare the area with any supplies your midwife or doctor says you will need for the birth. You may be able to purchase a homebirth kit that includes most of what you will need. A homebirth kit may come with gauze, gloves, lubricant, and a thermometer. Make sure you purchase the homebirth kit and other birthing supplies well in advance of your childbirth so you do not have to rush at the last minute.

Step 6

Trust in the abilities of your natural labor doctor or midwife. The will provide instruction during the birth and help you through your process from start to finish.

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