How to Choose your Baby's Name


Choose Baby Name          Having a baby is one of the most important parts of a couple’s life. The last thing you want to do is give the child a bad name. Choosing a name for your newborn baby is a very important process that should take some time and care so that you make the right decision. Follow these steps to ensure you make the right decision when choosing your baby’s name.

Step 1

Buy a few baby name books. You can find these at a local bookstore or on the internet. A baby name book lists both boy and girl names, what their meanings are, and where the root words originated from. Using name definitions is a common practice for choosing a baby’s name but it is not the only way it can be done.

Step 2

Another method is choosing name of someone in your family. This would be someone who was special to you in your life, like maybe a grandfather or grandmother. By giving your baby his or her name you are proving how special they were in your life.

Step 3

You may also give the boy the name of the father or in the case of a little girl the name of the mother. This option is increasingly becoming a rarer one however.

Step 4

Do not take the advice of friends in this process. They are not the ones living with your decision. Make sure the decision on naming your baby is not influenced by anyone other than you and your spouse!


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