How to Tell Kids there is No Santa


          The story of Santa Claus brightens up the holidays for so many children around the world. Santa Claus brings presents to kids based on whether they have been bad or good throughout the year. The story of Santa Claus brings joy to small children as it gives them wonder and something magical to look forward to every year on Christmas. While the story of Santa Claus can bring much joy to small children, there comes a time in a child’s development when they are too old to believe in Santa without hearing the truth from other children or figuring it out for themselves. If your child is of the age where it is time to dispel the myth of Santa Clause then follow the tips below to tell your kids there is no Santa.

Step 1

Prepare a plate of cookies and milk for your talk with your child. These will be used to “soften the blow” of telling them there is no Santa. Preferably make home baked chocolate chip cookies that are fresh from the over rather than store bought as your child will like them more.

Step 2

Christmas couchSit your child down on the couch with you preferably in the evening on a weekend. Do not do it during a weeknight as it will stress the child out too much for school the next day. The best time is during their summer vacation when they do not have to worry about school and also because it is far away from Christmas time. If you do it too close to Christmas time it will not be taken lightly by your child.

Step 3

Tell your little boy or girl that you think that they are old enough now to understand the truth about Santa Clause like the older boys and girls. Say that you think they are mature enough now to understand how it really works. Give them a sense of self entitlement that they are older and more mature. This will make them feel better. Children like to feel older than they really are.

Step 4

Ask your child if they have been hearing around school kids talking about Santa Claus and what they have been saying. When they say yes that some kids are saying there is no Santa, then tell them that you are going to tell them the real story.

Step 5

Tell them that the story of Santa Claus is based on the real story of Saint Nick. Learn about the story of Saint Nick if you already do not know and tell them the story. Say that Santa Claus was invented to honor the memory of what Saint Nick did for the poor people in their homes and that’s how the legend of Santa Claus began.

Step 6

Say that no one knows for sure if Saint Nicholas still brings toys and gifts to little boys and girls but to be sure the parents give the presents to their children for Christmas.

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