Cheer up When Unemployed and Reduce Depression


          With unemployment at an all time high in the US at around 10% people are becoming increasingly depressed with the state of the economy and their lives. More and more people are losing their jobs and unable to survive financially. Losing your job does not have to be completely negative. There are ways to turn your life around perhaps for the better or at least reduce your depression from your recent layoff.

Step 1

When you become unemployed realize that it is not your fault. Many people erroneously ask the question of what did they do wrong when they are laid off. They think that they are at fault. This is a normal human reaction. However it will cause unnecessary damage to your ego and self worth. You must understand that it was a business decision of the company in financial trouble and not a bad reflection on you as an employee. Realizing that it is not your fault is the first step in moving forward.

Step 2

Remember the truly important things in your life that you still have after you become unemployed. These are your family, your loved ones, your health, and your friends. Take solace in the fact that being unemployed does not make you any less of a person even though society may sometimes make you feel that way.

Step 3

It is normal to feel very depressed when you are unemployed. Try to do some tasks that would normally make you happier and alleviate depression. These may include exercising, getting sun exposure several times a week, or eating your favorite foods. You should not allow yourself to stay depressed when you are unemployed.

Step 4

Join an online forum on unemployment. Chatting with other people who are also unemployed in your similar situation is a great way to cheer you up. You can share stories with others who will understand what you are going through. You can also ask the other unemployed for advice on how to survive during this hardship.

Step 5

Consider a complete life change by working in a different industry than you are used to. You may have to reinvent yourself when unemployed. Working in a different industry can empower you to avoid the negative feelings now associated with the job you were laid off from.


Additional Advice

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