How to Claim Lotto Winning Numbers


          There are more and more people playing the lotto every day. Especially in a down economy, people like to have the opportunity to play the lotto in the hopes that they may someday become financially free. The lottery is played in many states across the US. In addition there are many different types of lotto tickets including games where you choose the numbers and wait for a random drawing, or scratch tickets. Lottery winning amounts for drawings change continually and can range into the millions of dollars. Follow the steps below to claim your lotto winning numbers.

Step 1

Determine how much money you have won on either your scratch ticket or your lottery drawing ticket. You can check your lottery drawing ticket by going onto the website for the particular game you are playing and checking the winning numbers.

Step 2

If your lottery winnings are below a certain threshold amount determined by your particular state and lottery agency then you will be able to collect on the lotto winning numbers at the store you bought the tickets at. For example some states will allow lotto sellers to cash out up to 600 dollars in winnings at the store.

Step 3

When the lotto winnings are above the predetermined threshold amount you must take your ticket to your state’s lottery headquarters office. Find the office address by searching for the lottery headquarters online.

Step 4

Make sure to sign the back of your lottery ticket once you have determined that you have won your large lump sum. Signing the back proves your ownership of the lottery ticket so no one else can claim your winnings.

Step 5

If your lottery winning is a very large monetary amount then consider hiring a lawyer with lottery claims experience before you go through the process of claiming your winnings. A lawyer will help you work through the legal ramifications and options regarding how to accept your lottery winnings to best protect you from unwanted public exposure.

Step 6

Temporarily put your winning lottery ticket in a safe place such as a locked safe deposit box to protect it while you are preparing to bring it to the lottery headquarters for redemption. It is not uncommon with a large lottery winner to wait a month or more before claiming the prize in order to secure a lawyer and accountant, etc.

Additional Advice

                   Immediately sign the back of your lottery ticket once you buy it. This will prove your ownership of the ticket so no one else can claim it as their own.

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