How to File Unemployment Weekly


          So you are unemployed. You just went to the local unemployment center and had them file a claim for you. You come back home with all your paperwork and sit down shocked at what has just gone on and not knowing what steps to take next. Follow these steps in order to ensure that you will continue to receive unemployment benefits.

Step 1

Decide whether or not you want to file every week for your unemployment checks by phone or through the internet. You can do either or but choosing one method and sticking with it is a good way to begin a routine.

Step 2

If you decide to call, you may call anytime the DUA office is available depending on your state from Sunday to Friday of each week. When you call to file on Sunday you are actually filing for the previous week’s worth of benefits. It is advisable to file Sunday or Monday because you will receive your check quicker the following week.

Step 3

File for Unemployment OnlineIf you decide to use the internet to file for your weekly checks, you must find the web address of your local state’s Department of Unemployment Insurance. You must sign up and log in weekly Sunday through Monday as in Step 2 to file for the previous week’s benefits.

Step 4

You will have to answer the following questions whether you file your unemployment claims online or over the phone. Did you work at all the previous week? Were you able to work and available for work last week? Has your mailing address changed since you last claimed benefits? After you answer these questions you will receive a confirmation page online or a voice recording over the phone that your claim has been processed.

Step 5

If you are filing online print a copy of the confirmation page for your records.

Step 6

Repeat steps 2 through 5 every week that you are unemployed and filing for benefits.


Additional Advice

                   Make sure you file for an unemployment check every week. If you forget and miss one week your claim will be closed and you will have to call the unemployment office to have it reinstated.

                   File for your unemployment on Sunday every week. That way you will get your check either Monday or Tuesday of the following week instead of later.

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