Get Housing Assistance with No Money


          Housing assistance can be an invaluable government resource in this tough economy. Housing assistance is a government program that helps low income individuals and families afford cheap rent. Housing assistance comes from HUD or the US government’s department of housing and urban development. Follow the steps below to get more information about housing assistance.

Step 1

Use the government’s HUD website on the internet to search for a local public housing agency affiliated with the HUD program. You can get a list of the public housing agencies that work in your area as well as contact information such as a telephone number.

Step 2

Call the local public housing agency you found in step one above and ask about a housing choice voucher program. The housing choice voucher program offers housing assistance for families or individuals who are low income and looking for a place to rent. The low income family is free to look for its own apartment but the apartment must meet certain requirements of the housing choice voucher program.

Step 3

Apply for the housing choice voucher program. If you are accepted you must find a rental unit where the owner has agreed to take partial payment from this program. These units must meet certain health and safety standards. Your eligibility for this housing program will be determined by how large your family is and how much income you bring in per year. Your income level has to fall below a certain threshold determined by your local HUD agency in order to be eligible.

Step 4

If you are a displaced victim of a hurricane such as the hurricane Katrina disaster you may be eligible for special HUD benefits. Many homes had been renovated and set aside in 2006 to be used as HUD rental properties for the hurricane Katrina victims. Contact your local HUD office if you fall in this category and need housing as a result of hurricane displacement.

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