Lower Home Heating Costs in Winter


          Heating costs are one of the most expensive household bills. Whether your house is heated using natural gas, electricity, or liquid propane, heating prices have risen dramatically over the past decade. If your home’s square footage is high it may cost you up to a couple of thousand dollars a month in the winter to heat your home. The depressed economy has made it harder for families to pay for their heating costs. Follow the steps below to lower your home’s heating bill and save money in the long run.

Step 1

Install double paned windows. Double paned windows are more energy efficient than regular windows. They will trap more heat in the house allowing you to lower your artificial heating costs.

Step 2

Use think insulation in the walls of your home including the walls of the garage. Insulation traps heat within the home. Insulation will allow you to keep your heating costs to a minimum during cold winter months.

Step 3

Use solar heating to supplement your artificial heating bill. This means use the sun to help heat your home any way you can to reduce the amount of heating cost from your furnace, or baseboard etc. You can keep all the shades open in your home during the day to allow the sun’s rays to enter the home and heat it.

Step 4

Heating VentsClean the vents of your heating duct system regularly. Dust can collect on the vents of your heating system every year. This dust blocks warm air from entering the inside of you house causing you to turn up the thermostat and waste more money. Dust acts as a thermal insulator within the vent system which traps some of the heat within the heating ducts instead of allowing it into the house where you need it.

In addition to cleaning the vents, also remove dust from the fins of your baseboard electric heater. Dust hampers electric heaters from doing their heating job efficiently.

Step 5

Lower your thermostats in the house just a few degrees from your current position. For example if you normally keep the temperature at 70 degrees lower it to 68 degrees. If you need to wear an extra layer of clothing to do so then go ahead. Lowering your thermostat by just a few degrees can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your home heating bills.

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