Lower Shipping Costs


Shipping prices          Shipping prices are rising all the time. With the recent price hikes of gasoline the prices to ship goods have increased dramatically over the past decade. There are many options for shipping packing, boxes, services etc. Follow these steps to reduce your current shipping costs so that you can make your business more profitable.

Step 1

Shipping PopcornReduce the size of your shipping container. If you usually fill your shipping containers with a lot of popcorn and bubble wrap you may be able to use a smaller shipping package. The smaller your box size, the more money you can save on shipping when using the Postal Service. Many shipping services charge part of their fees based on how large the dimensions of your package are as well as its gross weight.

Step 2

Try to get free shipping packages instead of paying for them. Some programs like Ebay offer free shipping boxes if you apply for them online. This shipping packaging comes in predetermined sizes so you may have to get several different groups to fulfill your shipping needs.

Step 3

Reuse all shipping materials that are shipped to you. For example when you purchase products they are usually shipped to you with bubble wrap and packing popcorn within the box. Instead of just discarding these shipping materials save them and reuse them for your own shipping services. This can save you quite a bit of money from having to purchase the packing materials yourself.

Step 4

Reuse shipping boxes that you receive. To make shipping boxes reusable, make sure they are not damaged in any way. Then remove any labeling on the box that does not pertain to you. If there is any lettering on the box you must cover it with magic marker if it does not pertain to your own shipping.


Additional Advice

                   Make sure not to reuse a shipping box that is torn or worn or damaged in any way. Throw those boxes out or recycle them.

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