How to File an Unemployment Claim


          In the last few years unemployment rates have skyrocketed as the economy has grown worse during the recession. More and more people are losing their jobs on a daily basis. The whole process of being laid off can be a very depressing one when one wonders about losing their finances. Follow these steps so that at least you will feel secure in knowing that you will collect your unemployment checks.

Step 1

Before you leave work on your unemployed day make sure you take some time to get all the necessary forms you will need. Usually the day you are unemployed the human resources department will give you all the necessary forms required to contact unemployment and file a claim including any severance pay if offered.

Step 2

Stay calm and don’t panic. There is help available to you. Within the first few days call the unemployment office telephone number on the paper your HR department gave to you. If you do not have the number, you can search for your state’s unemployment office on the internet and find the number through their website.

Step 3

There are two options for opening up and filing your first unemployment claim. You can call the teleclaims telephone number, or you can personally go down to your local unemployment office found in many cities and open up a claim personally. If you call the unemployment claims number you will be asked for certain information including dates of employment for the last 15 months, when you were laid off, the reasons you were laid off, and whether you are receiving any severance pay. It is important to be completely truthful to the unemployment office as any false statements will hurt your chances of getting the unemployment you need.

Step 4

It may take several weeks for your first unemployment claim to be processed. Starting at the beginning of each week on Sunday you have to call the teleclaims center to certify for your unemployment check for the previous week. You may also file unemployment online through the webcert website. You have from Sunday to Friday of each week to file for unemployment for the previous week. The later you wait to file during the week the longer it will take to receive an unemployment check the following week.

Step 5

Keep filing for unemployment weekly even if you have not yet received your first check in the mail. If you miss a week of filing then your unemployment claim will be shut down and you will have to call the unemployment office to have it reinstated again.

Step 6

Stay calm and do not panic or get depressed. If you have worked full time at least for the past year and were laid off at no fault or your own, then you should be entitled to receive unemployment benefits.


Additional Advice

                   Do not wait more than a few days to call to file your first unemployment claim.

                   Make sure you tell the unemployment office if you are receiving severance, because your previous employer has already furnished them with all that information. You may still be able to collect unemployment during your severance if you signed a release form at work.

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