Save the Environment at Home


How to Save the Environment at Home          Our environment is our most precious and valuable resource. The environment encompasses where and how we live. The earth’s land, sea, sky, air, forests, and beaches all need to be protected against damage and destruction from human abuse. Saving our environment is of paramount importance. As carbon dioxide has been increasing each decade the earth’s global temperatures have been increasing with it. It is our duty to help save our environment and protect our world’s most precious resources.

Step 1

Recycle your aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and cardboard waste. Many local cities and towns have recycling programs to help save the environment. They usually provide recycling bins to each household and every week the bins are picked up along with other trash. By recycling any item in your house you will be reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save the environment.

Step 2

Energy efficient CFLsSwitch all the incandescent light bulbs in your home to energy efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). CFLs use about one quarter of the electricity as regular incandescent lights use. This reduces the amount of electricity the home uses. Since the majority of electricity is produced with coal burning and CO2 emission switching to CFLs will help save the environment.

Step 3

Reduce Water ConsumptionReduce your water consumption in your household to help save the environment by not wasting unnecessary water. 

Step 4

Install solar panels on the roof of your house to generate your own electricity. By generating your own electricity you will be able to reduce your use of power company electricity and help save the environment. Since most electricity is made by burning fossil fuels that generate CO2 you will be reducing the amount of pollution into the atmosphere.

Step 5

Fuel Efficient Green CarBuy a fuel efficient vehicle. A fuel efficient vehicle will decrease the amount of carbon dioxide you are putting into the atmosphere and will help you save the environment.

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