Save Money Ebay Shipping


Ebay Shipping cost          Ebay is a powerful web based auction house that has gained in size and popularity over the years. Shipping costs make up a large portion of any business’s expenses. If you are an Ebay seller and are looking to cut your costs and save money, follow the steps below. There are ways to save money shipping on Ebay that are not that difficult.

Step 1

Order free United States Postal Service priority shipping boxes online. Ebay allows you to order cases of post office shipping boxes for free. These boxes come in several predetermined sizes for your shipping needs. Peruse the Ebay website to find the links in order to do this.

Step 2

Become a Power Seller. Power sellers are sellers on Ebay that meet certain criteria. These criteria include but are not limited to selling a certain volume of product on Ebay per month or year or selling at least a certain dollar amount per quarter. Check the website for the Power Seller requirements. Once you become a power seller you may be entitled to UPS shipping discounts of up to and over 20%.

Step 3

Ship all your books and related merchandise via USPS Media mail instead of Priority mail. Media mail service is a much slower service that is significantly cheaper than priority mail service.

Step 4

Try to use Paypal’s automatic shipping label generation. If you pay for Post office shipping through PayPal you can save some extra money, and get cheaper rates on extras such as Delivery Confirmation.

Step 5

Depending on the weight of your package you can save money by trying an alternative shipping service. USPS, Fed-Ex, and UPS all charge different rates for shipping depending on how heavy the object is. Sometimes it pays to check the prices on each site online before you ship an item. This is easy to do as each website now has a shipping calculator where you enter the item weight, and the dimensions of the shipping package. You may save money by switching to another shipping service company for different items.


Additional Advice

                   It is a good idea to offer your customers tracking numbers and insurance on the items they purchase from you. These make sure the package whereabouts is easily determinable as well as its safety insured.

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