How to Save Money on your Electric Bill


Save Money on your Electric Bill          Electricity use has grown tremendously over the past hundred years. The advent of modern appliances, electric heat, and other powered items has led to a surge in electricity use. With the economy as poor as it is and people losing their jobs, many want to know how to save money on their electric bill. Cheaper electricity may be hard to come by as the prices are set by the electric companies. However everyone can lower their consumption of electricity at home with many simple steps. Follow the guide below to get cheaper electricity bills.

Step 1

Fridge Temp ControlLower the temperature control unit on your refrigerator and freezer by one notch. Refrigerators are one of the most electricity robbing appliances found in every modern day power consuming home. Lower the temperature control on your refrigerator by as much as you can and still be able to keep your food fresh. Lowering the control by a little amount can be enough to save an extra 50 to 100 kilowatt hours of electric usage per month as these appliances run all day and night long.

Step 2

Air Conditioner summerDo not run your air conditioning units twenty four hours a day in the summer. Air conditioning units are also one of the highest users of electricity. You can significantly lower your electric bill by keeping windows and fans running instead of using the AC. Rotating fans consume much less power than a typical air conditioning unit does.

Step 3

Electric Heat WinterIf you have electric heat in the winter, then insulate your walls throughout the house. Insulation can trap additional heat within your house and prevent the escape of heat. If you insulate your home you will be able to reduce the temperature of your electric heating system, saving money on electricity this way.

Step 4

CFL BulbConvert all the incandescent light bulbs in your house to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). CFLs use about one quarter to one fifth of the electricity as regular light bulbs. If you switch all the electric bulbs in your home to CFLs you will be able to cut the part of your electric bill that comes from your light bulbs to a quarter of what it used to be.

Step 5

Energy Efficient AppliancesPurchase energy efficient appliances to replace your old dilapidated ones. Energy efficient appliances can reduce electric costs by up to 25% or more over your conventional appliances.

Step 6

Shop around for electricity providers. There are usually a few electricity providers that service any given area. It is possible to shop around for rates. Compare cost per kilowatt hour of usage between each company. Also ask each company what their other costs are including distribution and other electricity service costs.

Step 7

Keep your nonessential electric users plugged in to surge protectors. This includes your tv, dvd player and any items that go into a standby mode when they are shut off. When these items are not in use, shut off the surge protector. This will stop them from consuming electricity in standby mode. This little trick can add up to lower electricity bills.


Additional Advice

                   Always shut off your lights and electricity appliances when you leave your house or apartment. Letting them run with nobody there just wastes electricity.

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