Save Money Food Shopping Groceries


Save Money Food Shopping          In this bad economy it is imperative to save money anywhere you can. Food shopping is a common area where shoppers can save a lot of money. Food shopping is part of every American’s monthly budget and can make up to 20% or more of your monthly expenses. Follow these steps to help you save money on food shopping and put more in your pocket every month.

Step 1

Comparison price shop at several different supermarket chains within driving distance to your home. Some grocery companies offer cheaper prices than others because they cut costs in other ways. Once you find the cheapest supermarket for the same food items, then make this your new go to food shopping store. The savings alone could add up to 20% or more as compared to the more expensive stores.

Step 2

Consider food shopping at bulk discount wholesale shopping clubs. These clubs generally require membership and give you a card that you can use to enter the store. You must buy items such as toiler paper and canned goods in large bulk amounts. However you can save a significant amount of money doing so.

Step 3

Online Food ShoppingTry online food shopping. Online food shopping is a relatively new opportunity. Some grocery stores are offering online shopping for a discount. You can preorder your groceries online and either pick them up at the grocery store or have them delivered to your home for a small fee.

Step 4

Look for coupons in your local Sunday newspaper. Food shopping coupons are readily available and can save you up to 10% or more in your weekly grocery bill. Look for buy one get one free coupon specials as they offer the best discounts.

Step 5

Buy generic brands instead of name brand items when food shopping. Many times you can find the same type of food in a generic label as opposed to a name brand label for a much reduced cost.

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