Save Gas Money and Raise Fuel Economy


Save Money on Gas          Gas prices have risen dramatically in the past decade. With the economy in the rough shape that it is in, it is no wonder that people are looking for ways on how to save gas money. There are many ways to increase the fuel efficiency of your car as well as save money at the pump. Follow these steps to learn how to save gas money every day.

Step 1

Shop around at different gas stations in your town or city. Find the gas station that consistently has the lowest prices of the bunch and shop there from now own. You can find as much as a 10% difference in gas prices from station to station.

Step 2

Drive at 55 miles per hour on the highway. Driving at this slower speed keeps your engine rpms low and at a fuel efficient level. You can save close to 10% in fuel economy by following this technique.

Step 3

When stuck idling in traffic for extended periods of time shut your vehicle off. Sitting and idling burns wasted fuel and just robs you of money. Eliminating stop and go traffic is a sure fire way to help you save gas money.

Step 4

Save money on gas by getting regular tune-ups. Old fouled spark plugs cause incomplete combustion in an engine which results in poor gas mileage. Change your spark plugs before their regularly scheduled maintenance times to begin saving money on gas.

Step 5

Keep Tires Properly InflatedKeep your tires properly inflated. If your tires are underinflated this increases the rolling resistance of your vehicle with the ground. This in turn slows down your car and causes you to spend more money on gas. Inflate your tires to the proper recommended levels in order to save gas money.

Step 6

Do not let your car idle in place in the driveway to warm up. Older vehicles needed to be warmed up before you began to drive. However, most new vehicles do not require this. You can just start your car and go. This technique can save you as much as 100 extra minutes worth of idling in place per week and will undoubtedly save you gas money.


Additional Advice

                   Do not try to save money on gas at the expense of your safety. If you hear of a gas saving technique that seems dangerous do not attempt it as your safety is more important than saving a few dollars.

                   Search the internet for ways on how to save gas money. There are many informational websites out there aimed at helping you save money on fuel.

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