Save Money Shipping Freight


Save Money Shipping Freight          Shipping costs are a large, expensive part of anyone’s business. With rising shipping costs it is becoming more and more difficult for small business owners to turn a profit. There are ways to save money on shipping however. Try these steps to make your business more profitable and lower your shipping costs.

Step 1

Use a slower shipping service. Each shipping company whether it is UPS, Fed Ex, or the Post Office has different levels of shipping services. Each one is more expensive based upon how quickly the service is. For example instead of using Priority Mail at USPS, try to switch to slower media mail for certain items. You can save a significant amount of shipping costs with this method.

Step 2

Reduce the size of your freight container. If shipping freight across the country it is cheaper to ship a smaller size for the same given amount of weight. Try to match the size of the freight container very closely to the size of the product you are shipping. Any excess will just add to the cost.

Step 3

Ask for bulk shipping discounts. Sometimes certain shipping companies will offer discounts of up to 20% if you ship with them often and in large enough volumes per year. You usually have to sign up for a program to obtain these benefits. Ask your shipping company if they offer such discounts and what the requirements are.

Step 4

Free shipping boxesObtain free shipping boxes from the post office by using their website online. Also reuse all the shipping boxes and shipping materials that have been shipped to you including bubble wrap and packing popcorn.

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