How to Get the Best Dry Skin Treatments

Dry Skin Treatments          Dry skin can be very irritating to daily life. It is not soft to the touch and can lead to skin damage because there is no moisture left in the skin. Some dry skin conditions are chronic and difficult to treat at home. A common dry skin problem area is the elbows. If you have tried all the home remedies but you still have chronic dry skin, then follow these steps to get dry skin treatments.

Step 1

Dry Skin LotionYour doctor may prescribe a dry skin cream that contains lactic acid. Lactic acid is a very effective moisturizer for dry skin. It is usually prescribed for very bad cases.

Step 2

Sometimes dry skin is caused by certain medical conditions like hypothyroidism. If this is the case your doctor may treat it with hormone supplementation.

Step 3

Air ConditionerDo not run air conditioners in the summer. Air conditioners reduce the relative humidity in the air and further dry out skin.

Step 4

PsoriasisIf your dry skin is caused by a condition such as psoriasis, your doctor may prescribe laser treatment. Laser treatment can reduce the symptoms of psoriasis and the time between outbreaks.

Step 5

Cortisone LotionYou may be prescribed a cortisone cream for very dry skin. Cortisone creams can relieve the inflammation caused by very dry skin.


Additional Advice

                   Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after your dry skin treatment. Water is the main moisture component in the skin.

                   Do not take very hot showers. Hot showers can actually dry out the skin farther. It is better to take warm showers.


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