Braces for Teeth

Metal Braces          Braces for teeth are one of the most popular cosmetic enhancements of this generation. The majority of children these days seem to be getting braces. Braces not only give you a beautiful smile but they also improve oral hygiene by straightening teeth and allowing for easier cleaning of food particles as a result. There are many different types of braces out there for adults and children. It can be overwhelming to understand all the options.

Step 1

Braces Smile Go for an appointment and impression testing at your local orthodontist’s office. They will give you an interview and determine if you are a good candidate for braces. They will take an impression of your mouth bite and let you know your options.

Step 2

Invisaline bracesChoose traditional steel braces if you are on a tight budget. The cheapest set of braces are the traditional ones. They are also the most noticeable braces for teeth. The average time it takes for these types of braces to straighten the child’s teeth is around 2 years.

Step 3

Clear BracesGo with clear braces if you have a bit more money and time to spend. Clear braces such as invisiline braces are see through so a person has a very hard time even knowing that one is wearing braces. The clear braces gently align your teeth and are generally weaker than metal braces. As a result it will take longer wearing these types of braces to straighten your teeth completely.

Step 4

Lingual braces, such as iBraces, are traditional braces that are installed on the back sides of the teeth instead of the front sides. This is a good option for those who do not want to appear as if they are wearing orthodontic braces at all. The braces and wires are hidden completely behind the teeth.

Step 5

WaterBuy ceramic braces that are the color of the teeth for a hybrid option. Ceramic braces can come in white color like the tooth or clear. The wire that runs across will still be metal however. So this option is in between traditional braces and clear braces.

Step 6

Customize your braces with multicolored elastic bands. Ask your orthodontist for any options in customizing your braces so you can set yourself apart from others.


Additional Advice

                   You will have to get regular monthly adjustments when you wear braces. Your teeth will be very sore the first week you get each adjustment and it may be difficult to eat.

                   Take extra care and time in cleaning your teeth when you wear braces. Food tends to become lodged between the metal braces and a special type of floss is required to clean your teeth.


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