How to Choose Tanning Products

Great Tan          So you are looking to get a great tan and protect your skin. Well you are in luck. There are many great tanning products out there that will help you increase the rate at which you tan as well as decrease your healing time. Some tanning products will also help you darken your current tan and reduce the wrinkles caused by photo aging. Depending upon what your goal is there are different options out there for you. Read the tanning product options below.

Step 1

Sun Tan Lotion Choose a sun tan lotion with a very high spf number if you are looking for the best skin protection from UV rays and skin cancer. SPF stands for sun protection factor. Typically sun tan lotions with SPF numbers above 60 provide excellent protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Step 2

If you are looking to increase the rate at which you tan, choose a sun tan lotion or spray that contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is a cofactor in the skin’s tanning process. It is used in the process where the amino acid L-tyrosine is converted into melanin. Melanin is the dark pigment that actually creates our tan. Therefore using a sun tan lotion with Vitamin C will enhance your tan and make it darker than it would have been otherwise.

Step 3

Use a tanning spray instead of a lotion in the instances where you are looking for a quicker more aggressive tan. Tanning sprays typically do not offer much protection in the way of SPF as compared with tanning lotions. The spray also tends to burn the skin and accelerate the tan. Sprays are generally not as safe as lotions.

Step 4

Always wear eye protection when tanning, whether indoors or outdoors. Eye protection can range from sunglasses to eye pads that block UV rays. These products will prevent damaging UV rays from entering your eyes while you are tanning.


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