How to Cure and Soothe Dry Skin

Dry Cracked Skin          Dry skin is a common problem. Dry skin is characterized by rough, flaky skin that lacks moisture and is not soft to the touch. Dry skin can occur in any individual with more frequency in the winter months when the temperature is low and the air is dry. No one is immune to dry skin under the right conditions. Follow the steps below to treat dry skin and restore a younger more youthful appearance.

Step 1

Drink Water for Dry SkinDrink several more glasses of water per day than you are currently drinking now. Water is what hydrates your skin increasing its moisture content and reducing dryness. The only way to cure dry skin from the inside is by drinking a lot of water.

Step 2

No Caffeine for Dry SkinAvoid caffeine and diuretics. Any substance that acts as a diuretic such as caffeine causes your body to lose water which dries out your skin further.

Step 3

Dry Skin LotionTry a dry skin lotion treatment. Use a lotion for dry skin. There are many lotions out on the market. Some include vitamins such as antioxidants mixed in. Others are infused with aloe or other plant based derivatives. Use the lotion on your entire body a few times per week.

Step 4

Shower for Dry SkinApply lotion after you get out of the shower and dry yourself off. Moisturize dry skin at the best possible time which is when your skin is already moist. By locking in moisture from the shower with a lotion base on top of it you will increase the hydration of your skin.

Step 5

Humidifier for Dry SkinRun a humidifier in your house during the days when the air is very dry. The moist air will help moisturize your dry skin.

Step 6

Bar Soap for Dry SkinDo not use a bar soap in the shower. Regular lye based bar soaps dry out your skin as well as leave a film on your body. These will dry your skin farther.


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